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Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging technology platform that aids cardiologists in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The C7-XR™ OCT intravascular imaging technology utilizes near-infrared light to create images that go beyond previous coronary imaging technologies. OCT offers cardiologists an assessment method with enhanced clarity for their patients with coronary artery disease.

Benefits of OCT Technology

OCT technology platform creates images with 10 times the resolution of intravascular ultrasound technology. The superior resolution and depth of focus found in OCT images aids in optimizing stent selection, evaluating stent apposition and the precise assessment of lesion morphology.

The imaging capabilities of OCT assist physicians in selecting the best stent option for each patient. The system provides precise measurements of lesion dimensions and vessel size and structure, optimizing treatment and follow-up strategies.

In addition to guiding stent selection, OCT offers physicians post-stenting information, potentially minimizing the risk of repeat revascularization. Repeat revascularization would mean the patient would have to have another surgery to restore blood flow to an organ or tissue. Post-surgery, OCT technology provides detailed information regarding the inner lining of the vessel and whether there is a reoccurrence of the blood vessel narrowing.

Locations Offering Optical Coherence Tomography