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The FlowTriever® System is the first mechanical thrombectomy system recommended for the treatment of pulmonary embolisms. Pulmonary embolisms occurs when a blood clot gets stuck in an artery in the lung, blocking blood flow to part of the lung. Treatment of pulmonary embolisms can include a thrombectomy, which is a surgical procedure used to remove blood clots from arteries and veins.

The FlowTriever uses a large catheter and syringe to remove large volume of clot, while limiting blood loss.

It is a catheter-based tool that allows the physician to put the FlowTriever into a vein and then find the clot with guide wire. The guide wire will go past the clot. The dilator goes over the wire until it reaches the clot. Then the port is closed and the syringe is pulled. Once the port is opened, it creates a vacuum that pulls the clot into the syringe.

If the clot isn’t entirely removed, the catheter goes through the dilator, and will release nitinol mesh disks that automatically expand to the vessel wall – being able to trap and pull remaining clot from vessel walls.

This allows patients to avoid having to stay in the ICU and avoid thrombolytics (clot-busting drugs) and can be treated in a single session.

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