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The ClotTriever® System is available to treat the full range of acute and chronic deep vein thrombosis. In addition, it is designed to give physicians advanced control in chronic vein blockages.

It is a catheter-based tool that allows the physician to put the ClotTriever® into a vein and then find the clot. A guide wire moves past the clot and the catheter is deployed. The coring element and mesh collection bag attached to the catheter expands to ensure it gathers all of the clot.

The ClotTriever® has a 30 percent greater radial force to provide better wall apposition. There is a side-port valve connected a funnel for rapid aspiration of the clot, through a syringe.

This allows patients to avoid having to stay in the ICU and avoid thrombolytics (clot-busting drugs) and can be treated in a single session.

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