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Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscope

Cancer of the lung and bronchus is affecting a staggering number of the population with no sign that the increase will stop – with the increased use of filtered cigarettes, radon and secondhand smoke. Physicians and scientists continue to research and develop new detection methods for lung cancer and other lung diseases, which have resulted in advanced technology such as the electromagnetic navigation bronchoscope (ENB)™.

The ENB is a GPS-like technology that offers patients a minimally-invasive option to locate, biopsy and prepare to treat a lesion (spot) detected deep in the lung. This minimally invasive technology allows for biopsies of the lung that ordinarily would be beyond the reach of a conventional bronchoscope, therefore providing early and more reliable diagnoses of lung disease and lung cancer. This technology can detect disease before symptoms are evident. Through early detection, ENB often equates to greater treatment success, improved outcomes and survivability for patients.