The MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Medical Center is dedicated to the early diagnosis, treatment, research, and education of patients with cancer or serious blood disorders. We specialize in colon, lung, prostate, gynecologic and breast cancers.

Multi-disciplinary Treatment Planning

Through interdisciplinary treatment planning conferences, our Cancer Institute specialists review new or difficult cases and develop treatment plans suited to the specific needs of each patient. These tumor boards include an experienced team of oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons who decide together what the best course of treatment is for each individual.

Cancer Registry

Saddleback Medical Center maintains an active cancer registry with a special team dedicated to this very important component of comprehensive care. The cancer registry team uses data collected to report quality outcomes, effective treatment methods and survival outcomes to help improve cancer treatment and outcomes both in our local community and nationally.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgeons affiliated with our Cancer Institute utilize minimally invasive techniques, including robotic-assisted surgery, for a variety of cancers.

This approach uses robotic computer technology providing breakthrough minimally invasive surgical capabilities that minimize risk and complications, resulting in shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries.

Radiation Oncology

The MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Medical Center offers advanced radiation treatment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, radiation oncologists can specifically target tumors and avoid injuring healthy tissue.

Hormone Therapy

Whether offered through our oncologists’ offices or at Saddleback Medical Center, hormone therapy is a form of treatment for some cancer types. It can be used alone or in combination with other types of cancer treatment. Hormone therapy can be combined with surgery and/or radiation therapy.


Traditional chemotherapy and newer targeted therapies may be part of a patient's cancer treatment plan. Through the Jean Howard Infusion Center at Saddleback Medical Center, patients and their physicians can depend on the experienced clinical team of certified nurses and pharmacists to provide a full range of infusion therapies.

Palliative Care Program

Palliative care involves a variety of resources to improve the quality of life for a patient with a chronic or serious illness by addressing their needs for comfort and supporting patients on their journey to live well.

The multi-disciplinary Palliative Care Program is unique in that it can begin at diagnosis and remain a part of the care plan, whether the patient is at home or in the hospital, throughout treatment in a setting where healing can occur. From the time of diagnosis, patients and families are welcome to ask their health care team questions about palliative care.