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Tumor Boards – Cancer Treatment Planning

At MemorialCare, an expert team of physicians and specialists conduct roundtable discussions of newly diagnosed patients. This experienced team of oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons decide together on the best course of treatment for each patient.

By meeting often, our doctors can review information together and make recommendations before treatment begins. You can take comfort in knowing that a multidisciplinary team is coordinating every aspect of your care. You or your loved one will never take the treatment journey alone.

Tumor Registry

Our cancer centers maintain an active tumor registry at each hospital and have a special team dedicated to this very important component of comprehensive care. Our tumor registry team organizes information related to each cancer diagnosis into a database, helping us understand which types of cancer we are treating most frequently. This data allows us to develop appropriate cancer treatment plans and also assists in ensuring that our education and outreach efforts are appropriate for the types of cancer seen most often in our communities.

Fatigue Management

Symptoms of fatigue, related to cancer treatment, are among the top concerns of many patients undergoing cancer treatment. We take these concerns very seriously. Cancer-related fatigue symptoms can range from general tiredness, that is relieved with sleep, to a severe lack of energy that can last for months. Whether symptoms are mild or severe, our physicians make fatigue management a top priority in caring for each patient. Treating a whole person, not just a disease, is the best formula for beating cancer and restoring each patient’s quality of life.

Pain Management

Because quality of life for our patients is so important, our approach to pain management is simple: We have zero tolerance for pain. We believe that only you know when you are in pain, how bad it is and what it feels like. We have a coordinated team that helps you manage and control pain. We are committed to providing timely interventions for any discomfort you may feel during your stay with us and throughout your course of treatment.

Infusion Centers

Our infusion centers are conveniently located in Los Angeles County and throughout Orange County. Each location is set in a comfortable and calming environment to provide a full range of infusion therapies.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is an integral part of cancer treatment, recovery and prevention of recurrence. Eating the right foods before, during and after your treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger.

Our cancer centers offer nutritional counseling for cancer patients and families, taught by Registered Dietitians and Registered Diet Technicians. Everyone has different nutritional needs when undergoing cancer treatment. We provide individual counseling for controlling side effects, preventing weight loss or weight gain, management of diabetes during treatment, and establishing healthy eating habits for individuals and families at risk for cancer.

Our dietitians will help educate you and your family on selecting the best diet to meet your needs according to your personalized preferences and tolerances. Our dietitians can also help with menu planning, food selection and preparation, supplementation, enhancing calories or just a dose of encouragement; count on the dietitian to be there to meet these needs.

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