Employee Giving—iGIVE


iGIVE Employee Giving

More than 3,100 MemorialCare employees help support our nonprofit hospitals throughout the system through our iGIVE employee giving program. When you give to Saddleback Memorial, you help impact the lives of patients and improve the hospital where you work every day.

In fiscal year 2017, 637 employees contributed more than $102,000 to help support critical projects and equipment at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center such as:

  • A breast MRI machine
  • Cardiac defibrillators
  • Neonatal delivery stabilettes
  • I’MAGINE project private rooms

Saddleback Memorial employees can donate via automatic payroll deductions or cash donations, helping the hospital improve care, services and facilities.

Donor Pins

We have also a system-wide recognition program of donor pins to be worn on the employee’s badge:

  • Initial and current: Blue Stone
  • 5 Year Pin: Garnet
  • 10 Year Pin: Gold
  • 15 year Pin: Emerald
  • 20 Year Pin: Amethyst
  • 25 Year Pin: Rainbow


If you have supported other MemorialCare hospitals in the past, please contact Saddleback Memorial Foundation and we will provide you with your appropriate pin for your total years of giving.

Did You Know?

If all Saddleback Memorial employees gave at least $3.86 per pay period (equal to $100 per year), more than $170,000 would be donated to Saddleback Memorial Medical Center to benefit our patients.

Two Ways to Sign Up

1. Fill out a Pledge Card

  • During the campaign (Aug. 14–25) complete a pledge card and turn it into your iGIVE Champion.


  • Download and print the iGIVE Pledge Card.
  • Complete the form with your desired contribution or automatic deduction.
  • Return to Saddleback Memorial Foundation through an interoffice envelope, or scan and email to Saddleback Memorial Foundation.

2. Sign Up Online

  • Visit Employee Information (M.E. Info) on the Intranet.
  • Log in to M.E. Info and go to > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Foundation Deductions.
  • Add a new deduction or edit a current deduction.

For more information about how to participate in the iGIVE employee giving program call (949) 452-3724.