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Dr. Philip Radovic has been practicing foot and ankle surgery and podiatric medicines for 30 years in Orange County California. His main office is in San Clemente where he lives and has raised his three children with his wife Tracey. Dr. Radovic has been and continues to be one of the most outstanding foot and ankle physicians in the country.

He has trained and mentored foot and ankle surgeons and sports medicine specialists for over twenty five years; many who successfully practice in Orange County around the world having benefited from his guidance after they completed three years of surgical residency training.

Dr. Radovic specializes in revision of prior foot surgeries, Advanced Bunion Surgery, Non-Incision, Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment, Ankle Arthroscopy and Endoscopic Heel Surgery, as well as general foot/ankle care and complex surgery. He is published in internationally peer reviewed journals and holds several seminal medically related patents under license. Dr. Radovic has been a regular on-air consultant with the nationally syndicated The Doctors television show.

Dr. Radovic’s philosophy is to seek the most effective, sensible, direct and economical treatment for a patient’s condition, always considering their life’s circumstance; social, emotional, economical and physical well being.

Dr. Radovic subscribes to the notion that his patients time is equal in value to his. Listening to the patient is an often lost talent, but it goes hand in hand with the Hippocratic oath. Dr. Radovic has a sincere devotion to the best interest of each patient’s care.



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