About Me

Dr. Julie Bolton was attracted to medicine because it is both emotionally satisfying and intellectually stimulating. It is a privilege for her to get to know patients and guide them to live healthy lives both physically and psychologically. As an educator of future physicians, Dr. Bolton also loves the lifelong learning that is required to effectively teach the practice of medicine.

Dr. Bolton gains the most satisfaction in her practice when she can help her patients feel relief, whether it is a helping with an acute problem or treating a chronic diagnosis to prevent disease progression. She feels most successful in caring for her patients when improved health and reduced risk is achieved through her partnership with a patient and is especially elated when this involves cultivating healthier lifestyle choices.

Dr. Bolton’s patients describe her as both approachable and down to earth. She meets her patients where they are and partners with them to come up with a plan that is realistic and works for them to achieve their health goals. It is important to Dr. Bolton that her patients feel heard and she takes the time to really listen to their concerns. Dr. Bolton is also conversational in Spanish and can communicate well with patients and families who are more comfortable conversing with her in Spanish. Her great compassion and ability to listen is in part attributed to her being a small-town reporter prior to becoming a physician - a job which has similarities to being a family medicine doctor, where it is all about getting the story.

Dr. Bolton finds that her patients are often her greatest teachers, helping her to mature and grow, not just as a doctor, but as a person. Through observing her patients’ struggles and challenges, she has seen incredible strength and gained true inspiration. Being with them during the difficult times has helped her to focus on the importance of living mindfully with gratitude.

Dr. Bolton believes our health is profoundly intertwined with the health of our communities and the planet. She has served on the board of Long Beach Organic, which operates several community gardens and provides fresh produce to those in need through local partnerships. Dr. Bolton is also a longtime supporter of Algalita Marine Research Foundation, which is focused on raising awareness of and looking for solutions to plastic pollution in our oceans. In Dr. Bolton’s spare time, she enjoys yoga, gardening, roller-skating, and at 50, began to learn to surf. The best part of her life is spending time with her husband and son, and making home cooked meals for friends and family.



Provider Specialty

Family Medicine, Primary Care


Medical School

Western University of Health Sciences

Locations & Affiliations


Beach Family Doctors - Huntington Beach

9131 Adams Ave

Huntington Beach, CA

Office: (714) 845-5900

Beach Family Doctors - Newport Beach

2001 Westcliff Drive, #200

Newport Beach, CA

Office: (714) 845-5900

Insurances Accepted

Boeing MemorialCare Health Alliance ACO (GNP)
Aetna Whole Health ACO (GNP)
Aetna Whole Health ACO (GNP)
Aetna Whole Health ACO (GNP)
Cigna Value/Select HMO (GNP)
Cigna Value/Select HMO (GNP)
Aetna Commercial HMO (GNP)
Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
BlueShield Commercial HMO (GNP)
BlueShield Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
Humana Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
Clever Care Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)