About Me

What I enjoy most about dentistry is that I can serve different roles in my practice. I can be an artist through cosmetic dentistry, a healer by eliminating infection, a teacher by educating families regarding oral health, and a psychologist by helping anxious individuals deal with fears. Most importantly, I can also be a friend by establishing a lifetime relationship with families to raise their children in a healthy environment.

I have been practicing dentistry for 27 years. I enjoy my life as a pediatric dentist because it allows me to make a living while I teach and build relationships with young families. Watching my young child patients evolve into healthy young adults who are enjoying optimal oral health is a very gratifying experience.

Early in my career I practiced in a public health setting for seven years. In 1989, I was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Los Angeles County Supervisors for organization of a Dental Volunteer Program with UCLA Dental School and local volunteer dentists. More recently, I have lectured to Cypress College dental hygiene students and participated in the CDA Dental Camp, Healthy Smiles program, and have worked in numerous community clinics.

We work together to fulfill our common mission and vision. Our relationships become strong to help support each other to insure we are able to look forward to our next day. I enjoy seeing team members developing leadership skills so they work towards personal growth and bettering the practice. Each team member brings to the practice their unique experience and education. The blend of their diverse backgrounds adds spice to our lives by giving individual perspectives at work and in life.