About Me

Dr. Drake graduated from Stanford University and the University of Arizona. He started practice in Long Beach in 1982. He has served as a clinical professor with UCLA and UCI since completing fellowship. The last six years he was Chief of the Gastroenterology Section and presently is the Chief of Medicine at Long Beach Medical Center.

Dr. Drake joined LB Gastroenterology Consultants in 2000, a group of 6 physicians, specializing in adult digestive diseases, such as difficulty swallowing, GERD, ulcers, H pylori, liver disease, colitis and cancers of the GI tract, among many others. Colon cancer screening, colonoscopy and endoscopy are provided. He attends at Long Beach Medical Center and the outpatient Long Beach Endoscopy Center.

Board Certified: Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine


English, Cambodian, Spanish, Tagalog

Provider Specialty

Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine


Medical Education

University of Arizona School of Medicine


UC Irvine Medical Center


UC Irvine Medical Center

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Long Beach Gastroenterology Associates

3833 Worsham Ave.

Suite 300

Long Beach, CA

Office: (562) 595-5421