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Pediatric Cancer

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up to 21 Years

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BRidging Information Divides and Gaps for Equity in Survivorship (BRIDGES)

More than 80% of childhood cancer survivors develop serious or life-threatening late effects after cancer therapy, but <20% receive recommended survivorship care offered at cancer center survivorship clinics. In a shared care model, the investigators propose to investigate an innovative multi-level intervention consisting of:

  1. patient survivorship education via telehealth with the cancer center,
  2. ongoing patient-tailored education program within the electronic health record patient portal,
  3. a structured interactive phone communication between the cancer center and the primary care clinic (with 1 year follow-up call), and
  4. an in-person visit with the primary care clinic for survivorship care

...with the goal of achieving high rates of adherence to recommended surveillance for late effects, as well as improving patient and physician knowledge and self-efficacy. If this scalable intervention demonstrates patient completion of recommended care comparable to cancer center survivorship clinics, this innovative study has the enormous potential to deliver recommended care to a larger proportion of childhood cancer survivors and reduce survivorship care disparities, while engaging p to integrate survivorship care as part of overall, lifelong health maintenance.


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