Maribel Ferrer

Maribel Ferrer, a dynamic operations executive with more than two decades of experience in leading managed care teams, has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Seaside Health Plan, part of MemorialCare. Ferrer has been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Seaside Health Plan since November, and replaced Wendy Dorchester, who retired at the end of December. Ferrer has assumed CEO responsibilities as of Jan. 1, 2018.

Prior to coming to MemorialCare, Ferrer was the Executive Director, Medi-Cal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families & Medicaid Expansion of L.A. Care Health Plan — the nation’s largest public operated health plan, servicing more than two million members in five health plans.

Ferrer has directed many helms of L.A. Care, working in member services for nearly 30 years. She has shown a record of exceeding goals, and building and expanding programs throughout her career. Her collaborative leadership style has helped advance the growth of access to health care in the community. Ferrer received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of the Redlands.

Her robust experience makes her uniquely suited to take the helm of Seaside Health Plan, a California licensed Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan, providing its members with access to more than 80 primary care physicians, a large network of specialists, and a network of modern, full-service health care centers. Seaside was created in 2013 as a Managed Care program that focuses on providing individuals with Medi-Cal, Medicare or Commercial coverage with convenient access to quality, evidence-based medicine, superior value, exceptional service and a network of integrated providers through multiple contracts with various health plans.

“Maribel is an outstanding member-facing leader committed to engaging and encouraging employees and physicians to reach the highest level of service and care,” says Barry Arbuckle, President & CEO, MemorialCare. “Ferrer will be an asset to help us grow membership in the Commercial, Medi-Cal and Medicare Advantage markets, as well as expand our provider network to bring more primary care physicians on board.

As the CEO for Seaside Health Plan, Ferrer’s primary responsibilities will be oversight of Seaside Health Plans’ strategic direction, operations and ensuring regulatory compliance. She will provide the overall direction and administration of programs and services provided by the health plan and implementing programs when needed. This includes working with the Board of Directors, Seaside Health Plan’s executive management team and MemorialCare’s senior leadership to establish both short-term goals and facilitate long-range strategies, plans and policies.

“Growing up in Los Angeles County and facing this always changing healthcare industry, it’s fulfilling to join an organization like MemorialCare that is transforming health care with compassion and excellence for what’s best for the communities we serve,” says Ferrer.