MemorialCare logo

MemorialCare unveiled its new brand this week, representing its identity and evolution as a top Southern California based, fully integrated healthcare system.

In 1997, a group of physicians helped launch a new, unified brand name for five Southern California hospitals. It was then, that the MemorialCare Health System name was born. Their goal was to make clinical care across Orange County and Los Angeles County significantly better—by working together as a system. They created best practices and committed to using evidence-based medicine throughout the new system, called MemorialCare.

Since then, MemorialCare has grown from five to more than 200 locations from the South Bay to South Orange County. Through two medical groups, MemorialCare Medical Group and Greater Newport Physicians, MemorialCare sees more than 600,000 patients each year in primary care settings alone. Today, the health system also includes numerous free-standing imaging centers, breast centers, surgical centers and dialysis centers, over 2,500 affiliated primary care and specialty physicians, and its own health plan, Seaside Health Plan.

“MemorialCare’s new look is more than a change of symbol, it’s a symbol of how much we’ve changed,” says Barry Arbuckle, PhD, CEO, MemorialCare. “In 20 short years, we’ve grown from a system of five hospitals into a fully integrated health system, delivering care to our entire community – from the 25 year-old who needs his yearly physical for preventive care to a grandmother battling breast cancer. We are here for every person, at every age, at every stage of life.”

MemorialCare’s new visual identity includes a tree element, representing working together as a coordinated health delivery system. The accessibility offered to millions of patients at over 200 locations is shown with overlapping, connected windows of care. One of the most important elements of the new look is a continued focus on delivering a simply better, patient-centered experience across all of our locations, which is embodied in an up-reaching figure.

Healthcare consumer research shows that communities want doctors, hospitals, pediatric care, and health centers to be connected and provide integrated healthcare. By showing the name ‘MemorialCare’ first and foremost in all of its entity names, the system is helping patients connect the dots across all its integrated acute care, ambulatory, pediatric specialty and primary care services.

Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach, named after a generous donor, will also carry the brand name MemorialCare. The only fully integrated healthcare system with a dedicated women’s and children’s hospital, MemorialCare takes pride in Miller Children’s & Women’s patient and family centered experience. The hospital’s new look features Millie the dolphin and her pup, playfully representing the fully integrated, specialized care that is provided for both maternity and pediatric patients.
This new look not only connects the dots among all MemorialCare entities, but goes a step further, asking the more than 11,000 MemorialCare employees to continue to deliver on our promise to the community of always delivering simply better care.

“Simply Better care is about continuing to strive far beyond the expected, to deliver an exceptional experience for each and every patient,” explains Arbuckle. “It’s living out our brand promise in which our patients and their families trust us with what they value most, excellence in service at every touch point.”