Tempus Time TrialThe MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center has implemented an innovative program to assist cancer patients. The Tempus Integrated Molecular Evaluation (TIME) Trial™ program, is currently being used in the ambulatory infusion center, which uses real-time clinical and molecular data to match cancer patients to targeted clinical trials in a faster time period.

Tempus is a technology company advancing precision medicine through the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Each patient’s sequenced molecular data and clinical history are compared against each trial’s structured inclusion and exclusion criteria through trial matching software and methods. This technology greatly helps in improving patient outcomes.

The program is able to accelerate the process of opening a trial and enrolling the patient into a study in as little as 14 days.

“We are very excited to open up the TIME Trial™ here at the Todd Cancer Institute,” says Nilesh Vora, M.D., medical director, MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute. “Sometimes opening up a clinical trial can take a few months. The Tempus TIME Trial™ gives us the ability to open up multiple studies and clinical trials at our institution quickly, and sign patients up to the appropriate trial based on their individual needs.”

The Tempus TIME Trial™ greatly minimizes the time spent when a patient has a mutation present, as opposed to waiting six months before opening a trial specifically for that patient. Instead of traveling many hours away and waiting months to gain access to a clinical trial, patients can get on a trial closer to home in as little as two weeks at the Todd Cancer Institute.

Almost two-thirds of cancer patients do not enroll into clinical trials due to lack of access at the community level. However, the program grants the Todd Cancer Institute the opportunity to implement the latest innovative technology to continue providing excellent care for patients in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

The Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center is committed to helping patients overcome the challenges of cancer. Part of that is providing the latest and most effective cancer treatments for patients through personalized care developed for the unique needs of each patient. And thanks to the Tempus TIME Trial™, the Todd Cancer Institute is able to do so faster than before.