Jeffrey Luther

Jeffrey S. Luther, MD, FAAFP, program director, Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program (MFMRP), was recognized in April for his service to his patients and the community by receiving the 2016 Physician of the Year award from the California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP).

“It’s been strangely humbling since I was told I was going to receive this award,” says Dr. Luther. “Having seen people receiving this award before, I always thought this was one award that I was never a strong contender for. I thank my peers who nominated me for this honor."

The CAFP presents this prestigious award to individuals who exhibit the finest qualities of family physicians and who go above and beyond in service to patients and community. The CAFP community can nominate their peers for the award and the CAFP Board of Directors evaluates each nominee to choose a winner.

Dr. Luther attended medical school at the University of California, Irvine and was in private practice before joining Long Beach Memorial in 1993. In the past, he was the Department Chair for Family Medicine and is a past CAFP president and a member of the CAFP Board of Directors. He also represents CAFP at the national level through work with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Recently, he completed a period of relief work in Honduras treating patients and teaching future health professionals.

At Long Beach Memorial, Dr. Luther has found his passion in teaching. As the director of the MFMRP, he has helped educate over 200 residents during his 22 years of teaching.

“Jeff’s approach to teaching is phenomenal,” says David Tran, a second year resident in the Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program. “He sees us as intelligent, young colleagues and treats us with respect,"

One piece of advice that Dr. Luther always gives his students is, “say yes when possible, and say no when necessary.” He always encourages his students to say yes to opportunities, but never feel overwhelmed and wants them to know that sometimes it’s okay to say no.

When Dr. Luther is not practicing medicine, he enjoys playing piano, guitar, bass and singing. He also loves cooking, running and brewing his own craft beer.