MemorialCare’s Saddleback Medical Center, Orange Coast Medical Center and Long Beach Medical Center, announced today the achievement of numerous accolades for clinical excellence, according to new research released by Healthgrades, the leading resource consumers use to find a hospital or doctor. Among MemorialCare’s distinctions are Specialty Excellence Awards placing Saddleback Medical Center in the Top 5% of the nation for overall GI services, GI medical treatment, and critical care; Top 10% in Gastrointestinal Surgery; and named America’s 100 Best Hospitals for gastrointestinal care for three years in a row. Orange Coast Medical Center was named in the Top 10% of the nation for coronary interventional procedures and critical care receiving excellence awards.

These achievements place MemorialCare’s hospitals in the upper echelon of hospitals nationally for specialty care and reflect the organization’s commitment to consistently delivering the best care possible.

“We take great pride in ensuring the highest quality of care, while keeping the comfort and compassion at the forefront of our mission,” says Barry Arbuckle, PhD, president and chief executive officer, MemorialCare. “These distinctions on the national stage confirm our communities are receiving the very best that is offered, in the comforts of their own community.”

Locally, Long Beach Medical Center received Five-Star ratings for services in treatment of heart failure, total knee replacement, cranial neurosurgery, treatment of stroke, treatment of GI bleed, treatment of bowel obstruction, and treatment of respiratory failure. Orange Coast Medical Center received Five-Star ratings for services in coronary bypass surgery, coronary interventional procedures, treatment of heart attack, total knee replacement, and treatment of sepsis. Saddleback Medical Center received Five-Star ratings for services in treatment of heart failure, treatment of stroke, hip fracture treatment, treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, colorectal surgeries, GI bleed, treatment of bowel obstruction, treatment of sepsis, treatment of pulmonary, and treatment of respiratory failure.

“These 40-specialty awards show the commitment of MemorialCare’s physicians, nurses, outpatient and ancillary staff to be laser-focused on providing the highest quality of care and best clinical outcomes,” says Arbuckle. “We have a deeply committed staff, who want nothing but the very best for each person who walks through our doors.”

Healthgrades evaluates hospitals solely on clinical outcomes: risk-adjusted mortality and complications. By focusing on what matters most, patient outcomes, Healthgrades ratings provide critical feedback for both patients and hospitals. By offering easy access to objective performance measures, Healthgrades gives consumers the information they need to find a hospital that excels in providing the care they need. And, by shining a light on strengths and weaknesses, Healthgrades ratings help direct hospitals to opportunities for clinical improvement. The 2024 hospital assessment evaluated patient mortality and complication rates for 35 common conditions and procedures at approximately 4,500 hospitals nationwide to identify the top performers.

The 2024 Healthgrades analysis revealed that the variation in performance among hospitals continues to widen, making it increasingly important to seek care at top-rated programs. From 2020 through 2022, if all hospitals as a group performed similarly to five-star hospitals, on average, 215,667 lives could potentially have been saved, and 149,521 patients could have avoided potential complications. *

“Healthgrades congratulates MemorialCare’s, Saddleback Medical Center, Orange Coast Medical Center and Long Beach Medical Center for being a national leader and demonstrating a deep commitment to providing high quality care to all patients,” said Brad Bowman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Head of Data Science at Healthgrades. “Your dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts have not only set you apart but have also positively impacted the lives of countless patients.”

Consumers can learn more about how Healthgrades measures hospital quality and access a patient-friendly overview of how we rate and why hospital quality matters.

*Statistics are based on Healthgrades analysis of MedPAR data for years 2020 through 2022 and represent three-year estimates for Medicare patients only. View the complete 2024 Specialty Awards and Ratings Methodology.