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MemorialCare’s Saddleback Medical Center, Long Beach Medical Center, and Orange Coast Medical Center received a combined total of 44 health excellence awards in various specialties from Healthgrades, a leading resource that connects consumers, physicians, and health systems.

Everyone at MemorialCare is tremendously proud that each of our hospitals received numerous 2022 Healthgrades specialty awards. This recognition is a tribute to the commitment our physicians, nurses, and hospital staff have to our patients who are consistently focused on highest quality care and best clinical outcomes.

Barry Arbuckle, President and CEO, MemorialCare

Saddleback Medical Center was recognized for Excellence Awards for gastrointestinal care, gastrointestinal surgery, pulmonary care, and critical care. In addition to these awards, Saddleback Medical Center placed in the top 5% for overall gastrointestinal services, gastrointestinal surgery, and gastrointestinal medical treatment, top 10% for overall pulmonary services, and was recognized for seven five-star awards in various specialties.

We are proud of Saddleback for their ranking among the 100 best for gastrointestinal care and gastrointestinal surgery.  Receiving these awards further demonstrates that our physicians and clinicians are committed to putting the care of our patients and their safety first.

Marcia Manker, CEO, MemorialCare’s Saddleback Medical Center

Long Beach Medical Center was recognized for Excellence Awards for joint replacement and prostate surgery. Long Beach Medical Center also placed in the top 10% for joint replacement and prostate surgery and was recognized for 10 five-star awards in various specialties. Orange Coast Medical Center was recognized for six five-star awards in various specialties, including hip fracture treatment for the tenth year in a row.

For its analysis, Healthgrades evaluated approximately 45 million Medicare inpatient records for nearly 4,500 short-term acute care hospitals nationwide to assess hospital performance in 31 common conditions and procedures and evaluated outcomes in appendectomy and bariatric surgery using all-payer data provided by 16 states. Healthgrades recognizes a hospital’s quality achievements for cohort-specific performance, specialty area performance, and overall clinical quality. Individual procedure or condition cohorts are designated as 5-star (statistically significantly better than expected), 3-star (not statistically different from expected), and 1-star (statistically significantly worse than expected).