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In 1996, a group of 40 pioneering physicians affiliated with Memorial Health Services set the framework for a unique, physician-led organization dedicated to the pursuit of best practices.

Led by the MemorialCare Steering Committee, the physician members achieved rapid growth and implemented significant changes within a relatively informal structure. As these efforts progressed and became more integrated into the medical center operations, a more formal structure was implemented and the MemorialCare Physician Society was launched in 2002.

The MemorialCare Physician Society is led by a governing board with a direct reporting relationship to the Memorial Health Services’ Board. The Physician Society drives clinical outcomes and performance for the organization as well as the goals of the organization. Our pursuit of best practice medicine has resulted in clinical outcomes that often rank above state and regional benchmarks.

The Society’s charter states that it is dedicated to the realization of best practice medicine and defines its four major areas of focus as:

  • Development and implementation of clinical and customer service best practices
  • Development and/or implementation of technology that assists in the realization of best practice medicine and the collection/reporting of clinical outcomes
  • Development of education programs and published materials that advance best practice medicine
  • Development of value-added services and products that assist Society members in pursing their commitment to best practices and their association with MemorialCare.

Membership in the Society is voluntary. Participating members are advocates of best practice medicine. They help advance collection and reporting of clinical outcomes and promote collaboration with other physicians and health system leaders.

The Society offers many benefits to its physician members. See all 

Physician Society Benefits