Bidirectional Messaging is now LIVE at OCMC & SMC campuses.

Physicians now have the ability to reply to messages from nurses and other care team members

No need for a phone call!

How to get ready?

Download the PerfectServe Practitioner App

Reset your PIN (if you don’t remember it)

  • Please view the attached reference materials for details on resetting your 4-8-digit PIN (new requirement as of Oct. 30th)

Contact the CTS Team or PerfectServe for assistance with:

  • Downloading/Navigating Practitioner app, logging in, creating/resetting your PIN
  • Scheduling your personal configuration session with a PerfectServe consultant to:
  • Enable secure messaging
  • Create/Edit your on-call schedule (enhanced features)
  • Establish group routing logic to ensure the right physician is contacted at the right time in the right way
  • Manage notification settings and enhance device configurations

CTS Team: T: 866.405.3724 E: [email protected]
PerfectServe Support Desk: T: 877.844.7727 E: [email protected]

Communication Etiquette Updates – We’ve heard your feedback!

Nursing and care team members will:

  • Place a phone call for urgent matters requiring physician response/action within one hour, readback, or dialogue
  • Send brief and concise messages
  • Set clear expectations for response from physician (need for reply, action requested, e.g.: “enter orders” or “call back”)