Contact Our Billing Offices

Medical Centers

Long Beach Medical Center
(877) 323-0043

Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach
(877) 323-0043

Orange Coast Medical Center
(877) 323-0043

Saddleback Medical Center
Laguna Hills

(877) 323-0043


For laboratories near Long Beach Medical Center, Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach, Orange Coast Medical Center:

Memorial Healthtech Laboratories
(877) 323-0043

For laboratories near Saddleback Medical Center at Laguna Hills:

Laboratory Services
(877) 323-0043

Government Programs

Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC)
(888) 466-2219

Healthy Families
(800) 880-5305

Los Angeles County  (877) 597-4777
Orange County  (800) 281-9799


MSI (Medical Services for Indigents)
(866) 979-6772

Other Important Phone Numbers

You may have received services in one of MemorialCare Medical Centers’ ancillary departments. A physician may have assisted in your care and you may receive a billing from their office. If you would like to contact their billing offices, the phone numbers are as follows:

Near Long Beach

Advanced Radiology Group
(877) 472-9861

California Anesthesia Associates
(877) 761-0332

Columbia Emergency Medical Group, Inc
(844) 621-4206

Long Beach Medical Center Pathology
(562) 308-3141

Near Fountain Valley

CA Emergency Physicians (CEP) – Billing service is MedAmerica

Long Beach Medical Center Pathology
(562) 308-3141

PCA Pacific Cardiovascular
(714) 445-0220

RC McLean Anesthesiologist Group
(714) 347-1000

South Coast Radiology Med Group

Near Laguna Hills

Anesthesiology Billing Service
(949) 417-1812

Breast Specialists Medical Group/MSM
(714) 571-5000

Emergency Room Physicians (CEP)

Pathology Billing Services

Radiology Billing Services
(949) 263-8620

RC McLean Anesthesiologist Group
(714) 347-1000