For your own good health, it is vitally important that you continue to seek medical care when you need it. MemorialCare is taking every possible measure to ensure your safety under our care.

We ask that you willingly comply with safety protocols, as they have been put in place to protect everyone, yourself included. While we understand that having to wear a mask can be frustrating, we ask that you please refrain from getting angry, yelling, using profanity, throwing objects, or getting physical in any way. These rules apply to everyone who enters our facilities. Our sole intention is to ensure that our facilities are safe. Thankfully, many of you are kind and considerate. This is to those who are not.

And finally, while we certainly hope it will not be necessary, we reserve the right to remove any individual or individuals from our facilities who do not comply with the stated safety protocols and/or do not treat our dedicated healthcare workers with respect.

While the COVID‐19 vaccines have proven to be effective at reducing the risk of asymptomatic infection, there is still a chance that a vaccinated person can become infected and spread it to others. With the Delta variant, which is currently responsible for most of the COVID cases locally and across the U.S. today, has only increased this possibility. This variant is highly contagious, spreads faster and carries a larger viral load than the original virus, thus making it far easier for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to transmit it to others. Since healthcare settings are more likely to contain patients whose immune systems have been weakened by disease or other high‐risk populations, continuing to wear a mask in these settings will help protect patients who are most vulnerable.

Thank you for your assistance while we provide care for your family and friends.


In accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines, masking continues to be required inside all healthcare settings regardless of vaccination status. 
Patients and Visitors are asked to arrive with a face covering and will be provided a new procedural mask at the screening desk.  Patients and Visitors are required to wear the procedural mask all times while inside the office, including while waiting in the lobby, walking in the hallways and in the patient exam roomsIf you would like to keep your personal mask on during your visit, you will be allowed to place the procedural mask over it. All our personnel, from the person at the front desk who greets you, to your intake nurse and the doctor who evaluates you, are wearing personal protective equipment to help ensure your safety.

How to mask

Visitor PolicySocial Distancing

We understand how important the support of loved ones and friends is to patients, particularly during sensitive situations. For this reason, visitor exceptions will be made based on the criteria outlined below:

  • Pediatric outpatients under the age 18 may have two (2) parent/legal guardian at their visit
  • One (1) visitor per patient as office capacity allows
  • OB patients may have one (1) support person (if needed) at their visit
  • Dependent patients with limited decisional or physical capacity may have one (1) person at their visit 

No Food or Drink
Any visitor who meets the exception criteria outlined above will be masked and screened and will be asked to remain in their car if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection (fever, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath).