We’ve built our new MemorialCare app with you, our valued patients, in mind.

Our goal is to provide a better experience. Make it easier to find the right care. To schedule an appointment. To find a new provider. To get answers to your questions. We think you’ll like our new interface.

For those familiar with myChart, the new MemorialCare-dedicated app is similar: it still takes you to our patient portal where you can view your personal health information 24/7 and manage your medical needs safely and conveniently. You’re still able to do the things you’ve come to know and love, such as schedule and manage appointments, renew prescriptions, message your PCP, view test results, access medical records and health history, and pay medical bills, but with the MemorialCare app, you get so much more.

For myChart users:

Log into our new app using your current MemorialCare myChart username and password.

Please watch these videos for instructions on how to recover your existing username and reset your password.

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Introducing the MemorialCare App - A Walkthrough of App Features

The MemorialCare app keeps everything in one place, making the user experience quick and easy. This video walks you through how to navigate the app and utilize the features, including how to book same-day appointments, search for providers, and even use our new virtual assistant, Mila.

Designed to be more streamlined and intuitive, the new MemorialCare app includes added features and enhancements that improve overall navigation and functionality, such as:

  • Personalized Information. Connected to Epic, MemorialCare’s secure electronic medical records system, the app is capable of pulling and prioritizing your most relevant health information. From the opening screen, you’ll see alerts and upcoming appointments, all tailored to you. And taking action is simpler. Do you need care today? Easy-peasy. One simple click can take you straight to scheduling.
  • Enhanced Provider Search. Finding a provider within the app is a new feature. Linked to the providers on our website, you are now able to search through our physician directory and access their bio pages to learn more or schedule with them. Plus, something we are really excited about; the provider search is filtered to show you only the doctors within your specific insurance plan’s defined provider network.
  • On-Demand Care. We’ve made it easier to quickly find and schedule a variety of 24/7 on-demand care options. And because the app frontloads the most immediate ones first, you are shown the next available appointments and can book on the spot.
  • Just Ask! Mila, our virtual assistant chatbot is always available to answer a variety of questions, help book appointments, reset your password, or even act as a symptom checker able to help direct you to the right care. When she cannot provide the information you need, Mila can connect you via chat to a live person in our Navigation Center (between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight, Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays) to continue the conversation.
  • Convenient Biometric Login Capabilities. You can use face recognition or fingerprint to authenticate your identity.
  • Easy Billing. Billing has also been streamlined. MemorialCare clinic and hospital invoices are now conveniently located in one place. Plus we’ve added additional pay options, so along with using a credit card or bank payment, you can choose to use Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Helpful Resources. Tap into additional resources. Here you can access a convenient, searchable medical library. Or set up options to link your health accounts or share your medical records with others. You will also find information on advance care planning, current research studies, Tytocare pairing, and a listing of community resources for food, housing and more through our Helping Hands program.
  • Easy Sign-up. Already use myChart? Great! Your login information is the same. If you are new to a MemorialCare health portal, then signing up in the MemorialCare app will be easy. It only takes 2 minutes!
  • Primary Care Team Visibility. Sometimes your PCP can’t see you as soon as you’d like – you'll now gain easier insights into their primary care team of trusted providers and their availability to choose the appointment that makes the most sense for you.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our new MemorialCare App. As we continue to develop and improve the app, we welcome your feedback.

About the App

What is the MemorialCare app?

The new MemorialCare app provides 24/7 access to our patient portal and is a safe, convenient, and easy way for patients to view personal health information and manage medical needs. The app features include the ability to schedule and manage appointments, including a variety of 24/7 on-demand care options; renew prescriptions; message one’s PCP or primary care team; view test results; access medical records and health history; pay medical bills; and more.

Is the patient portal secure?

When it comes to protecting our patient’s personal health information, MemorialCare takes a strict best practices and HIPAA-compliant* approach, from password protection to encrypted backups and opt-in consent. It’s important to understand that although we have taken every step possible to ensure that our patient portal is secure, in today’s world, there is always the chance that any database can be hacked.

To learn more about our privacy issues, look for the upper right hamburger menu and select 'settings.' Then select ‘terms & conditions' to view our privacy policy.

*The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that requires companies that work with protected health information (PHI) to implement and follow physical, network, and process security measures to protect sensitive information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge.

Where do I get the MemorialCare app?

You can download the MemorialCare app for free on either Google Play or from the Apple Store (search under "MemorialCare"). For the best experience, we recommend you use the app on either an iPhone or Android phone as the app is not optimized for tablets.

Download here if you own an Android.

Download here if you own an iPhone.

System requirements: 
Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher. 
iOS 13.0 or higher.

How do I access my personal health information using the MemorialCare app?

You will need to create an account. After you’ve downloaded the app from either Google Play or Apple Pay, follow the instructions below based on whether or not you already have an existing myChart account.

I already have a myChart account:

Using the MemorialCare app is easy if you already have an existing myChart account. You simply log in using your same myChart credentials. All of the information you have been viewing in your myChart app will automatically be available to you.

I do not have a myChart account:

It’s easy to create a new account. You can choose from among the following options.

  • Use the activation code you received and complete the ‘create an account.’ Activation codes are on patients' after-visit summaries or can be provided by the staff at your physician's office or by the Navigation Center.  
  • Don’t have an activation code? Follow the ‘no activation code’ workflow and create an account using your cell phone information.
  • Ask Mila and chat in real time to create an account with a patient navigator.
  • Call the Navigation Center at (877) 696-3622 for help.
  • Ask at your physician’s office on your next visit. The staff will be able to help you set up your account.
Is there a website version of the new MemorialCare app?

No, not at this time, but we are in the process of developing a website version. For those of you who have a myChart account and prefer accessing it on the web, you will be able to continue doing so for the time being. 

And for those who do not yet have a myChart account but are only interested in accessing the patient portal from a website, you are still able to create a new myChart account. Once the new MemorialCare app’s website version is completed, you will be able to easily switch over to that.

Is the MemorialCare app available in any languages besides English?

Yes, the app is also available in Spanish. To change the language from the default English to Spanish, go to the settings app on your device and find the MemorialCare app. Select 'language' and change to Spanish.

For older devices, you may need to select 'general' within your device's settings app. Then choose 'language & region' to change to Spanish.

MemorialCare App & myChart

I currently use the myChart app. Will the MemorialCare app be replacing myChart?

Yes, the MemorialCare app will eventually replace the myChart app, but this change is not immediate. You will be given plenty of notification in advance once a date is determined. During this transition time, we encourage you to download and try the MemorialCare app. We strongly believe you will appreciate the enhanced features that help make managing your health care easier.

How does the MemorialCare app differ from myChart?

While the majority of features in the new MemorialCare app mirror the features in the current myChart app, we’ve built our new app to be smarter, more intuitive, easier to navigate and provide an overall better experience. Some additional features include enhanced provider search, one-click scheduling for same-day appointments, more personalized information, and easier billing.

Do I need to have an existing myChart account to use the new MemorialCare app?

No, anyone can download the MemorialCare app and create an account to gain access to the MemorialCare app features.

When I switch from myChart to the MemorialCare app, will I still be able to access my past medical history?

Yes, both myChart and the MemorialCare app pull the same patient information from our health records systems into their apps, so your past medical information will not be lost.

Scheduling Appointments

What types of appointments can I schedule through the MemorialCare app?

Within the app, you can schedule a variety of appointment types, depending on your need, such as:

  • In-person or video visit appointments with your primary care provider (PCP), a PCP in the same office, a nurse or a member of your primary care team. You can also schedule with OBGYNs. And if you've been given a 'ticket' to schedule an appointment, you can schedule it within the app.
  • In-person or 24/7 Virtual Urgent Care appointments when care is needed now. 
  • TytoCare Urgent Care visit. Enhance your video visit appointments and receive a more comprehensive medical exam by scheduling your appointment with our Virtual Exam Kit, powered by TytoCare. Learn more about the kit or to purchase one.
  • TytoCare Primary Care visit. A select group of providers also offer TytoCare primary care appointments. To find a PCP offering this type of video visit, search by visit type by choosing the ‘schedule’ icon in the footer menu. Choose ‘schedule a service’ and choose 'TytoCare visit with provider.' 
  • Same Day/On-Demand care such as:
    • eVisits – complete a questionnaire about your condition and a doctor will respond with a care plan in your inbox within an hour.
    • Mila (virtual chatbot) – Share your symptoms with Mila and she can help guide you to the right level of care.

In Emergencies: 
If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation, it is vitally important that you access emergency services by calling 9-1-1 or going to the nearest Emergency Department.

How can I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

Select the hamburger menu at the top right and look for 'health profile.' Then select 'visits.' Find the appointment you want to change. At the bottom of that appointment box are options that allow you to either reschedule or cancel the current appointment. Please note, there are time parameters that can restrict cancel/schedule functions.

I've received a communication to do a Pre-Visit Check. What is that?

After scheduling an appointment, you may receive a request to fill out a Pre-Visit Check. Completing a Pre-Visit Check saves you time on your appointment day by allowing you to update certain information in advance. For example, you can update your demographic or contact information, upload photos of your insurance cards, complete medical questionnaires, eSign certain documents, and make a balance or copayment. Please note that there may still be forms to complete upon arrival.

Primary Care Team & Specialists

I’ve noticed that the app uses the term “my primary care team.” What does this mean?

For the purposes of this app, your primary care team is defined as your MemorialCare primary care provider (PCP). Your primary care team may also include the medical support staff (such as physician assistants) that work directly with your MemorialCare PCP, and other primary care physicians who work in the same or nearby office. We pulled this broader team together so that you had an instant view into other scheduling options in case you can't see your PCP as soon as you'd like.

Why don’t I see my specialist listed under my primary care team?

Although your specialist(s) are important parts of your primary care team, many specialists' availability and scheduling processes are varied. For that reason, you will only see your PCP listed at this time. If you typically request appointments with your specialist in myChart, you can do so the same way via the 'schedule' menu at the bottom. You can also search for your specialist in the 'find a provider' feature to find their number to call and schedule.

How do I schedule an appointment with my specialist?

To make an appointment with your specialist, we recommend you call their office directly. Within the app, you can find their contact number by using the ‘find a provider’ search feature to view their bio page. Their office number will either be in the top marquee or lower on the page under locations.

Navigating the App

How do I change the email, phone or address listed in the MemorialCare app?

To change your email, phone or address within the app, look for the upper right hamburger menu and select 'account details.' Then select ‘personal info' to change your contact information.

The first time you use the app, we recommend that you review your account details for accuracy, as well as verify your email and phone number so we can reach you.

Where do I find my medical test results?

You can find your medical test results by selecting the 'results' button at the bottom of the screen. While any new results will show up first, you will still have access to past medical test results.

Please be aware that your medical test results may appear in the app before your PCP has had time to review them. Therefore, be sure to check back later to read their comments.

If you wish to be notified that you have a test result, please make sure you tell us how you want us to communicate with you. You can select your 'communication preferences' by selecting the hamburger menu and then choosing 'account details.'

How do I make a prescription refill request in the app?

In many cases, it is easiest to request a refill through the pharmacy and they will communicate with your doctor. If your doctor has questions for you, they will reach out. However, you can also request in the app. To request a prescription refill in the app, go to 'messages' at the bottom of the app screen and select 'send a message.' You will then be able to select the ‘renew a medication’ button.

What documents are available to me in the app?

In the app’s document center, you will be able to download your visit summaries as well as some medical records you may have requested. You will be able to review who has accessed your records and sign documents that have been sent to your account.

To find the document center, go to the hamburger menu on the top right. Choose ‘account details’ and then select ‘document center.’

How do I message my doctor using the app?

At the bottom of the app screen, you will find a link to ‘messages.’ You will be able to message your PCP or other primary care team members by selecting ‘non-urgent medical advice’ and selecting the provider you want to message. Please give them 3-4 business days to respond.

Who will be able to read my messages? And are they secure?

If your doctor is available, they may read your message. If they are not available, it may be a member of your immediate primary care team, such as a physician assistant. Depending on the message you sent, the primary care team member may be able to answer your questions, and if not, they will confer with your doctor.

Please note that if you are a proxy to someone else’s account, you may see messages sent if that individual has not excluded you at the time of sending the message.

We value your privacy. Additionally, we are HIPAA-compliant and treat all communications between you and our medical staff respectfully and confidentially.

How will I receive notifications from the app?

You can choose how you wish to receive notifications, such as, “You have a new test result,” appointment reminders, billing statements, etc. Just select the upper right hamburger menu and choose 'account details.' Then select ‘communication preferences.' You’ll be able to choose between email, text message, phone and/or mail. Note that MemorialCare may message you for other reasons (e.g., helping you prepare for a procedure with us or welcoming you home and providing resources after a hospital stay). You can opt out of messages from MemorialCare at any time by responding STOP to the message.

IMPORTANT: The first time you use the MemorialCare app, we recommend that you review your account details for accuracy as well as verify all your contact information so that we can reach you. To check that your email, phone or address is up-to-date, select the upper right hamburger menu and choose 'account details.' Then select ‘personal info' to review or update your contact information.

Medical Proxy

Can I access the health care information of my child, spouse, or other family members?

A patient’s medical records are private and cannot be shared with others unless the patient grants the other person a proxy. A proxy is defined as someone who can have access to another patient’s health information.

  • Persons aged 12 and above have the power to grant someone proxy. They do so by inviting another individual to their account.
  • For minor children between the ages of birth through 11 years, parents or legal guardians are legally eligible to be their proxy. For those interested in becoming a proxy of a minor child, they should ask for access at the child’s pediatrician’s office. The staff will walk them through the process.

To learn more about being a proxy, look for the upper right hamburger menu and select 'settings.' Then select ‘terms of use’ to view our 'proxy terms & conditions' information.

How does one grant another individual health care proxy?

Persons aged 12 and above can grant a proxy to another individual by invitation.

To send an invitation, the person granting permission must go to the upper right hamburger menu and select 'family management.' It opens with the question, “Who can see my record?” They then select the 'invite someone' link and complete the questionnaire. An email will be sent to the person they are inviting.

How do I access any proxy accounts within the MemorialCare app?

To view a proxy account, go to the app's home screen dashboard. At the top, where it says your name, you will see a dropdown caret to the right. Select the caret to toggle to your proxy accounts.

How do I manage proxy accounts within the MemorialCare app?

To manage your proxy accounts, go to the upper hamburger menu in the app and select 'family management.' Here, you’ll be able to view, revoke or invite proxies to an account.

Sharing & Linking Records

How can I share my medical record with providers outside of the health care organization?

Go to the hamburger menu at the top right. Select 'resources' and then 'sharing hub.' From here, you can find information on how to share your health information with others, such as a family member, a health care provider or a health care organization. Select who you want to share with and follow the steps provided.

How do I link my health data from another organization to MemorialCare?

Select the top right hamburger menu. Then select 'resources' and 'link my accounts.'

Passwords, Accounts & Technical Issues

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username and/or password?

The app’s login page includes ‘forgot username or password' hyperlinks. Or, if you prefer, you can select the "Need help? Ask Mila” purple button at the bottom and ask for help.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, choose one of the following options:

  • Select the “Need help? Ask Mila” purple button at the bottom. Mila can assist you in changing your password.
  • Or go to the upper right hamburger menu in the app and select 'settings.' Then select ‘security settings' to change your password.
I’m having trouble creating an account. Where do I go for help?

We offer several options:

  • You can initiate a chat with Mila, our virtual chatbot assistant. If she is unable to fully help you, she can connect you to a patient navigator via chat or phone.
  • You can call the Navigation Center directly at (877) 696-3622 and speak with a patient navigator.
  • During your next visit, you can ask the staff at your physician's office for help creating an account.
How do I request a correction or amendment to my medical information?

If you notice that your medical information in the app is incorrect or you wish to make an amendment such as changing your legal name, please notify your physician’s office and provide the updated information. The staff will be able to update your patient information in Epic, our electronic medical record system. Please note that you may need to provide documentation and/or be asked to come into the office to make any changes.

I was logged out of my MemorialCare app account while using it. What happened?

The app was built to log a person out after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is a security measure to help protect your personal information. Simply log back in to gain access again.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

For technical issues, please email us at: [email protected].


What do I do if my account is disabled?

Accounts can be disabled for a number of reasons, such as perhaps too many failed login attempts. If your account is disabled, please contact the MemorialCare Navigation Center at (877) 696-3622 for help.


Who do I contact if I have further questions?

The quickest way may be to initiate a chat with Mila, our virtual chatbot assistant. If Mila cannot answer your questions, you can choose to chat with or call one of our patient navigators. Or you can call the Navigation Center directly at (877) 696-3622 to speak with a patient navigator.