To assist cancer patients in providing relief from the symptoms and stress of their illness, the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute hosts a weekly Palliative Care Clinic on Wednesday mornings and a pediatric palliative care clinic is available on Monday afternoons at the Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village. Our team of specialists includes board-certified physicians, nurses, spiritual care providers and social workers, who work together with your oncologist to minimize the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms and stress that come with a serious illness.Paliiative Care Team - LB

Palliative care is provided at any stage of cancer, along with chemotherapy, radiation, and other curative treatments. Pain and other symptoms affect a patient’s quality of life, and stress can have a big impact on a patient and their family’s mental capacity, including coping with the diagnosis. Studies have shown that mental wellness can have an impact on treatment and outcomes. Our palliative care team can help patients navigate through this.

What to expect when visiting the Palliative Care Clinic:

  • Relief from symptoms, including pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite, numbness, problems with sleep and much more.
  • In-depth communication with you and your family about goals, concerns and treatment options.
  • Improved ability to tolerate medical treatments and the side effects of cancer.
  • Improved ability to carry on with daily life.
  • Emotional, practical and spiritual support for you and your family.

To make an appointment, call (562) 933-1877.

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