Nutrition counseling to promote your health, well-being, and overall performance.

Tailored Approach

Our nutrition wellness programs include nutrition counseling in a private setting, where a registered dietitian will conduct a comprehensive, individualized medical, nutrition and lifestyle assessment, and then provide personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific needs and goals. (Group classes are available for some chronic health conditions as well.) During the nutrition consult session(s), various nutrition-related topics can be addressed such as eating out, label reading, and healthier cooking methods, all individualized for your specific needs, tastes and lifestyle.

Individualized Food Plans

Our nutrition philosophy centers on foods you can have and enjoy. We partner with you to improve your food choice skills, leading to long-term positive results. Clients are often pleasantly surprised to find their favorite foods are still “on the menu.”

Nutrition and Wellness Programs For:

  • Weight management: overweight, malnutrition and underweight
  • Diabetes management, hypoglycemia and other blood sugar disorders
  • Cardiac disease prevention and rehabilitation
  • Gastrointestinal disorders including irritable bowel, post-surgery recovery, pancreatitis, motility and malabsorption disorders
  • Cancer nutrition for prevention and management of therapy side effects
  • Sports nutrition for training, competition and peak performance
  • Pregnancy: healthy nutrition, symptom management and gestational diabetes
  •  Family and pediatric nutrition: weight loss/gain, childhood feeding issues
  •  Food allergy menu planning
  • Tube feeding nutrition management

Insurance Options 

Nutrition counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy – MNT) is commonly covered by insurance plans for various health conditions, with a doctor referral. Contact your insurance carrier to determine if MNT is a benefit of your plan. We can help review your insurance coverage options. A discounted cash rate is available if you do not have insurance coverage for MNT.

Find a Provider Near You

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