The OB/GYN Clinic provides care for all women throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Many patients who are high-risk and/or need diabetic and nutrition counseling are referred to the OB/GYN Clinic for monitoring. This clinic is a Medi-Cal Clinic and treats all Medi-Cal patients.

Full-service OB/GYN Care

The OB/GYN Clinic offers “total” obstetrics care to expectant mothers through clinical evaluations and services. During a clinical evaluation, the OB/GYN clinic care team will assess past medical history, complete necessary blood work and perform ultrasounds to determine each patient’s individual maternity care needs.

Diabetes & Pregnancy Education

A diabetes and gestational diabetes education program that follows the Sweet Success model of care developed by the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program is an important part of the treatment and care offered the OB/GYN Clinic. Diabetes in pregnancy education, risk control counseling, insulin teaching, blood sugar education, insulin and diet monitoring, diabetic/nutrition counseling and the use of blood sugar meters are all incorporated for those women who are high-risk. This extensive preventative and educational information results in positive outcomes for high-risk mothers and their babies.

The OB/GYN Clinic offers pharmaceutical services to help control diabetes, which is not found in many other OB/GYN clinics in the area. Patients visit the OB/GYN Clinic on a regular basis during their pregnancy. Once patients deliver their babies they return back to their primary gynecologist for routine checkups.

OB/GYN Clinic Team

The team at the OB/GYN Clinic includes a Perinatal Group, consisting of OBs and OB/GYNs and a multi-disciplinary care team, which includes four residents, two nurse practitioners, a physician’s assistant, a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), three medical assistants, dietitians and pharmacists.

Clinic Policies

  • Visitor Policy: Only one visitor per patient. No children under the age of 13. Newborn babies are always welcomed.
  • Appointments: Appointments are subject to cancelation if the patient arrives more than 15 minutes late.

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