Disaster Program

In 2007, Long Beach Medical Center, along with Miller Children’s, was awarded a National Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program (NBHPP) grant. If a natural or manmade disaster were to occur, that impacted a large number of individuals, Long Beach Medical Center would lead in the coordination of care in the area in response to the incident.

The Disaster Resource Center (DRC):

  • Provides information and assistance for other hospitals to treat victims that arrive at their location in response to a large-scale incident
  • Facilitates disaster preparedness plans and enhances cooperation in Los Angeles County, to include planning for surge capacity
  • Enhances the community's ability to respond to and address needs

The Disaster Resource Center (DRC) concept promotes, plans and mitigates cooperation and collaboration with Los Angeles County agencies, hospitals and other health care entities with LA County EMS Agency as a conduit. The goal as a DRC is to take an “all hazards” approach to disaster preparedness, with an emphasis on terrorism preparedness, including bioterrorism equipment and training. There are 13 other DRC’s in Los Angeles County.