Robotic-Assisted & Other Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches to Prostate & Kidney Cancer

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Saddleback Medical Center
Moses M. Kim, MD
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Moses M. Kim, MD

  • Urology

Dr. Moses Kim strives to provide patients with compassionate, cutting-edge urologic care. He has special interest and training in treating urologic diseases through minimally invasive surgical techniques. When robotic, laparoscopic, percutaneous and endoscopic approaches are used, patients benefit by experiencing less postoperative pain, faster healing times, and excellent surgical outcomes. Dr. Kim is committed to applying his expertise to bring the benefits of these approaches to patients with even highly complex urologic problems.

Podcast Summary

When a robotic-assisted, laparoscopic or other minimally invasive approach is used, patients who need surgery for the treatment of prostate or kidney cancer can benefit by experiencing less postoperative pain, faster healing times and excellent outcomes.  Learn more about minimally invasive options for these and other urologic diseases.