No More Failed Resolutions: This New Year Create a Healthy Lifestyle that Sticks

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Laura Ewing, Wellness Coordinator, Community Hospital Long Beach
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New Year's Health

We have all been in that situation where by year’s end we’ve faulted on keeping up with our New Year’s health resolutions. For some of us, this meant telling ourselves that we’d cut back on carbohydrates, exercise a little more to lose weight or eat more fruits and vegetables than red meats.

In many instances, we may have started well but failed to meet the mark come December. So how do we get to this place, where set goals are later deferred?

The mind to body relationship is truly important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unless you mentally tie your health and fitness goals to concrete motivations, you will fall short every time.

For each individual, motivations can range from improving your physical appearance, to lowering your blood pressure for a longer life expectancy and everything in between. Each individual’s motivation may differ, but having one is paramount. It is most important that the goal is established around a workable and targeted plan.

Follow these tips to ensure that your New Year’s health resolutions stick:

  • Set health-related goals that are specific and that are clearly stated
  • Goals should always be measured within a time frame
  • Goals should be forgiving or rather, less than perfect
  • Always keep track of your progress when trying to accomplish a goal or endeavor

If you were seeking to lose weight by working out, a plan that mimics the tips above could prove beneficial. For optimum wellness and to develop a weight loss plan or fitness goal that fits your needs, please consult your physician.

An example includes:

  • Set the goal: Each workout will last for 30 minutes
  • Keep the goal measurable: Work out five days a week for a year
  • Keep the goal forgivable: Just in case there is a day that calls for you to take a break or attend to other important matters, set another day throughout the week that can take its place
  • Be accountable: Throughout any healthy lifestyle journey, you should log your progress. One way to do this is to keep a health and fitness journal. This will allow for greater accountability for the work you do, or do not put in, toward your goals

Always remember that maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle is a conscious decision. Making simple choices like parking a little further from the grocery store entrance, stopping in the middle of the work day to take a brief stroll or meditating makes a significant difference.

There are several internal and external barriers to leading a healthy life, but choosing to be healthy begins when you mentally challenge yourself to put in the work and take steps toward reaching the final end goal. Don’t allow your New Year’s resolutions to go unfinished; take the opportunity to create changes that are effective from the beginning to the end of 2017.