Sheryl Faulk

Sheryl Faulk

City of residence: Ladera Ranch
Member since: Founding Co-Chair, 2008
Title/Partnership Council: Co-Chair, Patient Family Advisory Council

Why did you join PFAC?

I believe at the heart of our mission to improve the health and well-being of patients, families and communities, is our willingness to meet our patients and families in their humanness with our own humanity and compassion. As one of the founding Co-Chairs, I hold the belief that our patients and families have an expertise, knowledge and wisdom through their hospital experiences that we all can benefit from. I feel a depth of gratitude to our patients and families who have welcomed us into their lives, shared their stories, and partnered with us in transforming the health care culture and community we are so deeply committed to. I passionately believe in keeping our patients and families at the center and focus of everything we do!

Describe your biggest contribution or the project you are most proud of while on the PFAC. How has it/how will it improve the patient & family experience?

As a Co-Chair, my greatest contribution is in advocating for and helping to create a “space” in our organization to hear the voice of the patient and family, bringing our administrative leaders, physicians and clinicians together for meaningful dialogue, building bridges of understanding and strengthening partnerships. This shared commitment to empowering the patient and family provides the opportunity to continually view our care through the eyes and health care experiences of our patients and families which has helped to build a foundation for successful collaboration on programs, policies and committees. I believe our shared journey is powerfully influencing all, as we are integrating a culture of Patient and Family Centered Care in a transformative and inspiring way.

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