Louise Della Bella

Louise Della Bella MN, RN, NEA-BC, ACNS-BC

City of residence: Mission Viejo
Member since: October 2014
Title/Partnership Council: Executive Director, Clinical Resources/ Social Services / Palliative Care
Patient Family Advisory Member

Why did you join PFAC?

As a member of the Management Team at Saddleback Medical Center, I am committed to providing service excellence. It is therefore of strategic importance that I am aware of the needs of our patients and families, and know their expectations and recommendations on the services we provide. It is truly a privilege to be engaged with such dedicated PFAC members who have volunteered their time to be of service in supporting the health care we provide to our community.

Describe your biggest contribution or the project you are most proud of while on the PFAC. How has it/how will it improve the patient & family experience?

Our Nurse Practitioner and I presented our new Palliative Care Program and it was well received by the committee. We appreciated the lively discussion, suggestions, and spirit of engagement demonstrated - all to assist in our community mission.
We are working with the MemorialCare Palliative Care best practices committee on a community education site dedicated to Palliative Care resources, and will incorporate the educational needs suggested by our PFAC. Additionally, we will be working to develop local community education outreach, for example for Laguna Woods Village.

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