Danny Lisch

City of residence: Trabuco Canyon
Member since: January 2008
Title/Partnership Council: Patient Family Advisory Member and Acute Care Council

Why did you join PFAC?

The staff at Saddleback Medical Center saved my life. How do you thank someone for that? How do you thank someone for the gift of life? How do you thank someone for giving you the opportunity to watch your kids grow up and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with your family? Saddleback Medical Center has given me this gift of life, which I am very grateful for and every morning I wake up and thank God for giving me another day to celebrate life. When I was asked to join the PFAC I did not give it a second thought. Now I can pay it forward to others who might benefit from my input about my experience.

Describe your biggest contribution or the project you are most proud of while on the PFAC. How has it/how will it improve the patient & family experience?

One thing that I have learned by being on the PFAC is that change does not happen overnight; change takes time. It has been rewarding to see the HCAHPS hospital survey scores go up during the last few months. Also, it has been a pleasure to get to know the staff and see how passionate they are about their jobs and patients.

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