Pretend City Executives and the Mayor
MemorialCare leaders, Pretend City Executives and the Mayor of Irvine pose for a photo in front of the refreshed Health Center. 

child sized MemorialCare doctor's coats hang on a wallPretend City Children’s Museum is designed to help children learn how the world works while engaging their curiosity and imagination. Located in Irvine, the Museum is a child-size interconnected city that balances rich educational learning experiences with boundless fun. MemorialCare has partnered with Pretend City to offer the Health Center learning space. The MemorialCare Health Center demonstrates our dedication to community health. It highlights that caring for community members is not merely a service but a shared responsibility as we aim to make health care more accessible and understandable for everyone. Whether for children, adults, or seniors, the Pretend City Health Center serves as a hub for health education and care, creating a healthier and more informed community.

The Pretend City Children’s Museum will be moving to the OC Great Park in late 2025 along with the MemorialCare Health Center learning space. The new child-sized health center will continue to provide children a positive environment where they can engage in role-playing activities and learn through play about their own health and well-being.