Immunizations play a pivotal role throughout every stage of our lives. Here are our recommendations:

  • Babies receive vaccinations from birth in preparation for them to start school. Being fully vaccinated protects them from eradicated diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.
  • TDAP immunizations can prevent babies from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough). A booster is also recommended every 10 years for continued protection. Download our immunization schedule for children.
  • Meningococcal vaccinations are recommended to protect children from meningitis, an infection of the covering of the brain which may leave serious long-term consequences.
  • As children age, there are important immunizations that can protect them and their future. For example, having the HPV vaccination can protect children from 90% of anal and cervical cancers.
  • At age 50, it is highly important to get the Zoster vaccine, which protects you from shingles. If you’ve ever had chicken pox, the shingles virus is already inside you and can be reactivated leading to a painful, blister rash.
  • Pneumococcal vaccines are crucial for seniors 65 and older, as it protects them from complications of a lung infection called pneumonia.
  • Flu shots are encouraged annually. While you may still get the flu after being vaccinated, it can decrease the length and severity of your symptoms.
  • For patients with certain chronic conditions, you may need recommended vaccinations at an earlier age.

Don’t let fear stop you from protecting yourself and your loved one. Ask your primary care physician about any questions or concerns you may have about immunizations. Schedule an appointment with one of our pediatricians or primary care physicians to get updated on your immunizations.