Jennifer Roecker
Jennifer Roecker, R.N.

Back in 2006, scrubs, IVs and stethoscopes were not part of Jennifer Roecker’s world. She was a graphic designer, busy with artistic projects for her clients. 

At age 41, everything changed: Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer.

While I was undergoing treatment, I realized that I wanted to do what the nurses were doing,” said Jennifer, a Trabuco Canyon resident.

After her recovery, the young age of 46, married with three boys, Jennifer started a second act — nursing school.

Today Jennifer is a clinical coordinator in the observation unit at MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center. She loves her job and has been deeply involved in the hospital’s professional development for nurses. She knows firsthand how Magnet designation, the highest recognition for nursing excellence achieved by only 9 percent of hospitals in the U.S., translates to higher quality of care.

Without question, you receive better care at a Magnet hospital, where nurses are motivated to continually sharpen their knowledge and skills.

Jennifer Roecker

She adds that as soon as a hospital achieves Magnet Status, the process to re-apply starts right away. For example, if 40 percent of nurses have earned certifications when you reach Magnet, a greater percentage needs to be shown when re-applying. 

This means at Saddleback Medical Center, the nurses are highly encouraged to continue learning. Jennifer has taken several courses to enhance her knowledge in all areas of patient care, so her skills remain current. For example, Jennifer has earned her Medical-Surgical Nursing certification, and is currently studying for her Pain Management certification. Jennifer attends classes to become a “superuser” in equipment and technology, and in turn, trains other nurses in her unit and throughout the hospital. These courses range from $250 to $1,000, so the cost can be a barrier for nurses.

“Improvements in inpatient care are continually evolving,” said Jennifer. “Our nurses are always expanding their knowledge and skills to meet these challenges.”

Jennifer believes learning is a lifelong journey, and plans to pursue a master’s in nursing education because she really enjoys teaching others. 

“I love my job at Saddleback,” she said. “The administration here supports the employees and cares about the nurses.”

When you invest in our nurses, you are investing in inpatient care. To learn more, text SBNURSE to 41444 or visit Support Our Nurses website.