These online food trackers and apps will help you determine how many calories you need, provide you with a large nutrition database and help you to create your own recipes. Best of all they are free!

Keeping a food diary instantly increases your awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating. Many of us don’t realize how many empty calories we get from drinks or snacks. Tracking can also help you identify the times you are mindlessly munching at work or while watching television.

MyPlate at - MyPlate helps you to reach your fitness goals and to lose weight by tracking your calories with a comprehensive online food journal.
Myfitnesspal - With the myfitnesspal app, you can track your diet and exercise on the go. Log in to your account when you get home for your personalized diet profile and a searchable food database.
Fooducate - Fooducate helps you lose weight, eat real food, and track your progress. You can simply scan a barcode and Fooducate will grade your food, explain what’s in each product and offer healthier alternatives.