Renee had struggled with her weight for more than 20 years. She tried everything – dieting, pills, injections, and more. At her peak weight, Renee weighted more than 230 lbs.

During a visit with her grandson, the family went to an amusement park and Renee couldn’t walk. They drove around in an electric cart.

“I knew after not being able to truly enjoy my time with my grandson, I needed to make a change,” said Renee. “I met with Dr. Michael Russo, and he never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed. Then, I started attending the weekly support group at the MemorialCare Surgical Weight Loss Center at Orange Coast Medical Center. I was connected with a nutritionist to discuss diet and lifestyle modifications and was taught what to expect after surgery.”

After her gastric sleeve procedure in March 2019, Renee has lost 78 lbs. Now, she enjoys walking every day, including at amusement parks with her grandson.