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I have selflessly given to the Orange Coast Foundation because it simply warms my heart and brings me joy. My husband and I have instilled this philosophy while raising our daughters placing an emphasis that it is better to give than to receive. I have found that is a practice that works in all settings not just family. The act of giving to Orange Coast has been effortless, and is something that has not required public acknowledgement, because every day I witness the many ways that generous gifts have saved lives, enhanced lives, and changed lives for the better. In fact, my willingness to share this message is rooted in my need to inspire others to carry on this important legacy as I retire from this wonderful organization after 28 years of service.

The act of giving is essential at any level. You can start small and exponentially grow at a rate that aligns with your heart’s level of engagement and commitment. As I look at ending my OCMC journey I anticipate a horizon of hearing about the substantial growth from a dynamic and dedicated team of staff, leadership, volunteers, physicians, and community donors who embrace and have mastered the heart of giving.