Clinical Nutrition Supervisor, Crystal Vila RD, CNSC, CLT discusses the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment, what patients may experience, nutritional recommendations and resources available about specific cancer nutrition interventions.

Crystal Vila RD, CNSC, CLT has been a registered dietitian for 11 years and received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science at California State University, San Bernardino. She specializes in critical care, food sensitivities and functional nutrition. Crystal has worked at Orange Coast Medical Center for six years and is a cancer survivor, going on three years cancer-free. In her free time, she enjoys high intensity workouts, painting, reading and just started learning how to play the harp.

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment Questionnaire

Maintaining good nutrition during cancer treatment can help reduce the severity of treatment side effects and improve quality of life.
Nutrition interventions can help manage the following side effects:
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