Michael Hastings

“Relentless,” is the word Michael Hastings used to describe the right-hand tremor he wrestled with for nearly two decades, which hindered him from completing even the simplest daily tasks. After years of frustration and failed treatments, he finally found hope in the care of Devin K. Binder, Medical Director, MemorialCare Neuroscience Institute, Orange Coast Medical Center. Dr. Binder’s skilled and meticulous approach marked a major turning point in Michael’s search for relief.

Through the Movement Disorders Program at Orange Coast Medical Center, Michael began a transformative journey when he underwent a Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) procedure. Utilizing ultrasound waves to create an ablation in the precise area of the brain responsible for tremors, this innovative and non-invasive procedure provides effective results in improving tremor control thereby enhancing one’s quality of life.

“Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound offers a revolutionary approach to treating tremors,” said Dr. Binder. “Patients often experience immediate relief, with significant improvement in tremor severity observed within days following the procedure. This non-invasive technique targets the precise area of the brain responsible for tremors, providing patients like Michael with a new sense of freedom and independence.”

From the very first meeting with Dr. Binder and the care team at Orange Coast Medical Center, Michael was struck by their competence and unwavering compassion. Michael’s early apprehensions were eased by their care, attention and commitment to his comfort and peace of mind, which fostered a sense of trust that persisted and strengthened throughout the entire process.

Since undergoing the MRgFUS procedure, Michael’s life has been utterly transformed. Freed from the fear of his tremor dictating his every move, he has embraced a newfound sense of independence and joy. Discovering delight in the small moments, such as effortlessly brewing and savoring a cup of coffee from his espresso machine without a spill, may seem trivial to some, but for Michael, it represents a triumphant victory over once-challenging tasks.

“All thanks to the remarkable team at Orange Coast Medical Center and Dr. Binder’s expertise, I was able to reclaim my life,” said Michael. “Each day now is a testament to the newfound freedom and joy that I found from being able to complete tasks that used to feel like such a challenge with my tremor.”

Michael’s story exemplifies the profound impact of cutting-edge medical advancements and compassionate care in restoring hope and transforming lives. As Michael continues his journey, empowered by his newfound independence, his experience inspires others facing similar obstacles.