Pink Patch ProjectThrough the Pink Patch Project, the Long Beach Police Officers Association recently donated $10,000 to support patients of the MemorialCare Breast Center at Long Beach Medical Center. During a special ceremony, several members of the Long Beach Police Officers Association presented the check along with a commemorative Pink Patch blanket to Long Beach Medical Center CEO John Bishop and Long Beach Medical Center Foundation President Rob Gunsalus.

“One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime,” says Gunsalus. “This disease has as significant impact on our community, but through the support of organizations like the Long Beach Police Officers Association, our MemorialCare Breast Center is able to continue providing the latest in diagnostics and treatments to improve the health outcomes of women affected by breast cancer.”

The Pink Patch Project is a public awareness campaign that brings attention to the fight against breast cancer and supports breast cancer organizations in combating this devastating disease, like the MemorialCare Breast Center. The Pink Patch Project raises money by selling unique, commemorative patches that symbolize the fight against the disease.

This is the second significant gift the Long Beach Police Officer’s Association has given to Long Beach Medical Center to support its efforts to provide comprehensive breast care to the greater Long Beach community. The Association made another $10,000 donation in 2017.

“Since our original donation a few years ago, we have made an ongoing effort to support the Long Beach Medical Center through the continuation of our Pink Patch Project,” says Rich Chambers, Long Beach Police Officers Association President.  “Several of our members and their families have been affected by cancer, and the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute has taken care of them in their time of need; so, we want to ensure that we do whatever we can to support them and our community.”

The Pink Patch blanket gifted during the check presentation ceremony is proudly displayed at the MemorialCare Breast Center at Long Beach Medical Center as a way to encourage other women and visitors to give back and support the Pink Patch Project for the benefit of future breast cancer patients.