Embracing a culture of patient- and family-centered care leads to better health outcomes, wiser allocation of resources and greater patient and family satisfaction.

Enhancing the Patient and Family Experience

How do we ensure patients understand their plan for care? Are the family members’ questions and fears being addressed? Are patients treated with compassion and dignity? Placing a high priority on such questions, Saddleback Medical Center has enlisted patients, families and staff to provide answers and insights that ensure the highest level of patient safety and satisfaction.

Actively listening, caring and responding to the needs of patients and families is what patient- and family-centered care is all about. This mantra guides day-to-day interactions and creates policies to keep patients at the center of every decision.

The Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a prime example of patient- and family-centered care in action. Council members range from former patients and family members to doctors, nurses and other caring professionals. Members share insights and perceptions, acting as a voice for hospitalized patients and their families.

A Diverse Patient and Family Advisory Council

The youngest council member is former patient Tiffany Psilovikos. This remarkable 24-year-old, along with her mother, joined the council two years ago.

Tiffany’s involvement followed an unexpected hospitalization for a pulmonary embolism she experienced just days before she planned to run a marathon. “Because of the quick actions and great care I received, I truly believe the hospital staff saved my life,” she says. “I wanted to give back.”

Tiffany recognizes that to meet patient needs, diversity among council members is essential. “The needs of someone in her twenties are very different than those of people in their eighties. Integrating different perspectives from community members and medical providers has proven to be a really good idea. My mom and I feel fortunate to be making a difference.”

Saddleback Medical Center welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds for opportunities throughout the hospital.