Courtney Harris, R.N.
Courtney Harris, R.N., Cardiac Nurse Navigator

Imagine you are about to undergo a cardiac procedure and feeling a little nervous. When you check in, a friendly face comes over to review what will happen during the procedure and listen to your fears and expectations. After it’s over, she visits to see how you are feeling, reviews what the physician did, and go over your medications and discharge instructions.

“I also call all the patients the next day and go over the medications again,” said Courtney Harris, R.N., cardiac nurse navigator at Saddleback Medical Center who serves patients undergoing interventional cardiology or electrocardiac procedures, such as ablations or defibrillator implants. 

A new position funded by philanthropic dollars, the cardiac nurse navigator adds an extra level of care and service that patients want during their healthcare journey. 

This is the nicest hospital I’ve ever worked at. What patients tell me every day is they know the people treating them really care about them, and they feel it.

Courtney also helps these patients post-procedure through the Red Bracelet Program, unique to MemorialCare. 

When patients are discharged, they receive a red bracelet to wear for 30 days. A phone number on the bracelet connects directly to Courtney, who will answer the phone 24/7 for patients who have questions or are feeling symptoms. 

“Patients appreciate that when they call, they will get a live person who answers,” said Courtney. 

If you are interested in supporting the navigator program, call the Foundation at (949) 452-3724.