Many people start fitness routines, but stop when boredom hits or results aren't showing fast enough. Try incorporating these tips into your fitness strategy.

Set Attainable Goals

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Whatever the goal may be, make sure to adapt your life around accomplishing it. It may be easier to create mini-goals that are achievable within a shorter period of time, in order to reach that all-encompassing goal.

Track It

Image of man wearing health tracker that is connected to cellphone

Download a fitness app on your smartphone to track what exercise you did, for how long, and how you felt after. Keeping a record of your fitness plan will help remind you of the progress you have made and motivate you to keep going. For extra motivation, some apps also include access to workout ideas and a personal trainer.

Join Forces with a Friend

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Exercising is always more fun with a workout buddy. Invite your neighbor, co-worker, or loved one with similar interests, and make working out something to look forward to.

Don't Make It Feel Like a Routine

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Naturally, people need variety to stay motivated. After doing the same workouts for a period of time, your body and mind will adapt and hit a plateau. Find new fitness activities that make you forget you're working out - like dancing or playing sports with your family.

Keep Your Music Fresh

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Create a high-energy playlist with music that will keep you on your toes, and change it every week or so to stay motivated.

You're not alone when it comes to staying motivated and consistently prioritizing fitness as part of your daily routine. Staying active will not only help with weight control, but also improve your mood, energy levels and resistance to disease and illness.