Photo of Han and Jayce Yenson and their three children

Entrepreneurs, community advocates and philanthropists, Han and Jayce Yenson are an integral part of Orange Coast Medical Center's family of supporters.

The concept of family is vitally important to the Yenson, pillars of the local Vietnamese-American community. They consider many of their friends and peers as part of their extended family and work together to improve the quality of life for children and the needy in Orange County. This collective family has helped guide the Yensons’ decision-making process in choosing how best to donate over $1 million to local nonprofits.

Close friends introduced the Yensons to Orange Coast Medical Center in 2015 and they quickly became part of our family, supporting our inaugural Lotus Spring Ball. This annual event raises essential to expand emergency services and care for the critically ill and injured people in our shared community. The Yensons and their businesses, Saigon City Marketplace and Westlake Food Corporation, have been major sponsors of the event ever since, most recently as the Title Sponsor.

Since being introduced to the hospital and learning of the need for support, the Yensons have encouraged many others to do so as well. “The community needs to understand more about the benefits of this nonprofit hospital. Supporting Orange Coast Medical Center is the right thing to do,” says Jayce.

“We believe in more than writing a check for charity,” says Jayce. “We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting personally involved. Once we do, we see and feel the impact of our philanthropy at work and in is very rewarding.”

The Yensons also believe in teaching the legacy of giving by raising their three children with a philanthropic spirit. From involving their children in collecting toys for the needy, participating in the Lotus Spring Ball, to volunteering at Orange Coast Medical Center, giving back is a family affair.

“When spending time with the Yensons, you begin to understand that they are personally fulfilled by their contributions to the community. They continue to not only financially support Orange Coast Medical Center and encourage others to do so, but they also help us share our story with the Vietnamese-American community,” says former Foundation Director, Paul Stimson.

When I believe in a cause, I give,” says Jayce. “I see how the hospital reinvests its profits and donations into patient programs, services, equipment and now, the emergency room expansion, which is so needed. Orange Coast Medical Center is expanding at a critical time when our community needs more emergency care.”

We are so grateful for the meaningful support the Yensons have given, and continue to provide, to Orange Coast Medical Center. For more information on how you can join our family of supporters, contact (714) 378-7478.