For those seeking a more accessible and personalized healthcare experience, Dr. Emad Mikhail's unique approach at Irvine Internal Medical Group offers an intriguing alternative. Combining traditional primary care with concierge-style principles, Dr. Mikhail prioritizes disease prevention, patient education, and lasting relationships.

Gone are the days when personalized care felt like a privilege. Dr. Mikhail's patient-centric philosophy makes comprehensive, attentive healthcare available to a broader range of individuals. This translates to same-day appointments, minimal wait times, and direct communication via email or phone, ensuring prompt responses and timely prescription refills.

“By including concierge practices at Irvine Internal Medical Group, individuals can benefit from personalized attention, convenience, and comprehensive care, ensuring that healthcare excellence is not limited to the few but accessible to many. My commitment to my patients’ well-being drives my approach,” he says. “I see myself as a trusted guide, dedicated to educating patients about health risks, explaining the latest scientific advancements and therapies, and providing recommendations as if they were my own family.”

This philosophy extends beyond reactive care. Dr. Mikhail champions preventative measures like vaccinations, immunizations, and routine wellness exams, recognizing their power in preventing illness and promoting long-term health. He takes particular pride in witnessing the enduring relationships he builds with patients, spanning generations and contributing to their well-being over the years.

Dr. Mikhail’s concierge-style care focuses on lasting well-being by incorporating concierge-like principles into his traditional practice. With open enrollment in full swing, his office is a great choice for personalized care and can be reached at (949) 653 – 5810. As part of Greater Newport Physicians MemorialCare, with an award-winning legacy spanning over three decades, he brings a personalized path to lifelong well-being.

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