Leroy Scagliotti, referred to by his family as Roy, helped define the meaning of family. With Italian roots, large gatherings and great spirit are in his blood. He has always had good reason to have a positive outlook on life.

Five years ago, Roy’s doctor detected an aneurysm. However, Roy was told it only required monitoring. Three years later, during a routine checkup, it was discovered his aneurysm had grown dangerously larger.

A CT scan confirmed that surgery should be considered, and Roy was referred to vascular surgeon Wang Teng, M.D., medical director of peripheral vascular services at Saddleback Medical Center.

Roy and his wife Gloria have been married for 74 years and have grandchildren, as well as great-grandchildren. Roy has a lot to live for and was adamant about getting the best care possible.


Upon meeting, Roy immediately felt a sense of comfort with Dr. Teng. Much to their surprise, there was more to their meeting than met the eye. The two had a mutual connection. Roy’s granddaughter by marriage, Cami, was a long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Teng’s. Working in health care, Cami was a physical therapist, practicing at Long Beach Medical Center, and delivered all three of her children at Saddleback Medical Center. After a handful of conversations and getting to know one another, the connection surfaced. When Roy told Cami he was under Dr. Teng’s care, she immediately called him to share her excitement.

“I knew Dr. Teng personally, and professionally. His experience gave me 100 percent confidence that my grandfather was going to be okay,” recalls Cami.


Dr. Teng confirmed that surgery would correct the issue. Following his appointment, Roy went home, sat with his wife and called Cami. The Scagliottis unanimously agreed with Dr. Teng’s advice to have surgery was the best solution. Dr. Teng repaired Roy’s aneurysm using an endovascular technique. Endovascular stent grafting uses a fabric covered stent to reinforce the wall of the aorta that keeps the damaged area from rupturing.

“Catheters are used to guide and deliver the stent graft through the blood vessels to the location of the aneurysm. The stent graft is then deployed into the diseased section of aorta, re-lining the aortic wall, diverting blood flow away from the aneurysm,” says Dr. Teng. “Endovascular stent grafting is the current standard treatment for aortic aneurysms that is less invasive than open surgery.”

Dr. Teng is one of the pioneers of stent grafts and is changing the traditional approach. In 2014, the FDA approved a next-generation fenestrated stent graft, which allows the surgeon to make a small incision to place a customized stent above the renal artery and kidneys, liver and intestines. This new approach reduces the risk and recovery time for the patient. Dr. Teng is the first doctor in Southern California to perform the procedure using a new fenestrated stent graft device. He has since helped advance this approach, and other aortic vascular stent graph procedures used to treat complex aortic aneurysms that have challenged surgeons for decades.

“Roy is fortunate to have been diagnosed at this time, at this hospital, which ultimately allowed him to get the newest generation fenestrated stent graft. Timing was everything,“ says Dr. Teng. “Because of this technology and staff at Saddleback Medical Center, Roy’s recovery time was better than expected. He was reunited with his family shortly after his surgery.”

Saddleback Medical Center's commitment to excellence has kept us at the forefront of technology and advanced procedural techniques. This has resulted in providing patients with the best possible care and outcomes. With highly skilled surgeons trained in a number of minimally invasive procedures, we can offer the most modern options to patients.

“Not only was I happy about the outcome of my grandfather’s surgery, but at Saddleback Medical Center, the quality of care you are getting is second to none.” says Cami. “The hospital and nursing care are outstanding. My family praises Saddleback Medical Center, Dr. Teng and his incredible team for keeping my grandfather with us.”