The holidays are around the corner and as we begin our celebrations, we must be mindful of the ways we celebrate.

By encouraging our family and friends to make the holidays safer, we are doing our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and the flu. Please remember to follow the latest updates from state and local officials to ensure you are keeping your loved ones healthy to enjoy future holidays together.

Recommendations about Gatherings and Travel from the CDPH and CDC

If you are planning on attending a gathering with people outside of your household or if you are travelling for the holidays, stay up to date with the latest recommendations by visiting the CDPH and CDC sites. The recommendations below have been gathered from these sites.

Holiday Gatherings:

  • If you are gathering with people outside of your household, consider moving the gathering outdoors.
  • Limit the gatherings to no more than 10 people from no more than 3 households and to a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Create separate seating areas for each household attending the gathering and make sure to socially distance and wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking.
  • Bringing your own food, drinks, plates and utensils to the gathering can help eliminate contact with others at the gathering.
  • Think about getting individual takeout meals to support local restaurants and to have smaller portion sizes to reduce the amount of leftover foods when you have less people at your gathering.
  • If you are feeling unwell do not attend any in person gathering. Establish agreements ahead of time with your family and loved ones about navigating changes to plans if someone is feeling unwell. 


  • Health officials in California recommend that Californians do not travel out of the state or the country during this time. If you are able to rethink your holiday travel plans, it can be helpful in reducing your risks of contracting COVID-19 or the flu.
  • If you do need to travel, there is a recommended 14-day self-quarantine upon return to California.
Celebrating the Holidays with Care

Remember that Gratitude and Giving do not require Gathering and while we all want to be surrounded by family and friends this year, it is important to remember that our actions now can help ensure many celebrations together in the future.

The only thing we should be spreading this holiday season is cheer, so here are some creative ways to celebrate the holidays while keeping your loved ones safe.


Season of Giving

Sending a holiday letter to the armed forces, nursing homes, or  
children’s hospitals can make someone’s day brighter.
If you can donate toys to a local toy drive or money to non-profits  
that work with low-income communities to provide clothing or meals,  
it could make a significant difference to someone in need. It would  
also be a valuable lesson for your children to take part in and you  
can make it a new tradition.


Start New Traditions

There are items you can use around the house to make unique holiday  
decorations while also creating new memories with your household.  
It’s fun to innovate and create new projects.


Share It Virtually

Take a self-timer family photo with your household family and  
spread the cheer virtually
Do a virtual toast to health and happiness to bring in the new year.
Consider how you can celebrate the holiday in a virtual way.


Master Your Chef Skills

It’s time to try that new holiday baking recipe you’ve been  
thinking about. You can learn to perfect your recipe to share  
your baking skills when it’s safe to do so.


Go Offline

Sending handwritten cards to a loved one is a simple but  
thoughtful way to think of others during the holidays.


Health is Wealth

Find ways to safely get moving, whether that’s a brisk walk in  
your neighborhood or practicing yoga in your living room.  
Staying active can improve your quality of life and having an  
activity to look forward to could increase your overall health.
Drink more water and cook healthier meals for your household  
to enjoy. It is easier to achieve health goals with others joining  
your health journey.
Cheers to a Holiday Season Graphic