Over 50,000 babies. 1,243 sets of twins. 138 sets of triplets. 17 sets of quadruplets. And one set of quintuplets.

For 25 years, The Women’s Hospital at Saddleback Medical Center has delivered miracles every day. Now, in our 25th Anniversary year, we’re excited to invite the community to celebrate those miraculous milestones with us.

A Pioneer In Care

The Women’s Hospital at Saddleback Medical Center opened in 1988 with some of the nation’s first private labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms. Previously, mothers were moved from room to room during different stages of labor and delivery. Now, new mothers could experience each stage of childbirth in the comfort of the same state-of-the-art suite under the care of highly trained obstetricians and staff.

“We centralized care for moms, babies and significant others to nurture the bonding process that takes place immediately after birth,” says Terri Deeds, R.N., director of women’s and children’s services. “Saddleback Medical Center pioneered this innovative approach and now it has become an industry norm for leading hospitals.”

25 Years of Expertise for Our Tiniest Patients

At The Women’s Hospital at Saddleback Medical Center, a seasoned and compassionate team welcomes new mothers and their newborns. A growing number of families also rely on our expertise in neonatal intensive care and multiple births. Of the nearly 3,000 babies delivered at Saddleback Medical Center each year, approximately ten percent are high-risk births and high-risk multiples.

“For 25 years, our focus has been on the needs and comforts of our new parents and their babies,” says Steve Geidt, CEO of Saddleback Medical Center. “We’re so excited to celebrate that legacy with our community and look forward to future years of distinguished care.”