MemorialCare’s new look is more than a change of symbol—it’s a symbol of how much we have changed.

Our new visual identity is about living relationships that are rooted in care. It includes a tree element, representing our systemness. The accessibility we offer to millions of patients, at over 200 locations, is shown with overlapping, connected windows of care. And the way we stretch to deliver a simply better patient-centered experience is embodied in an up-reaching figure.

Caring Relationships at the heart of everything we do

Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach
The MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach look focuses on living relationships too, and like everything we do, it is patient and family centered and has caring relationships at its very heart. Millie the playful dolphin and her dolphin pup represent the fully integrated care we provide for both maternity and pediatric patients.

A Legacy of Excellence—MemorialCare

In 1997, a group of physicians helped launch one new unified brand name for five Southern California hospitals. They knew that we could make clinical care across Orange County and Los Angeles County, significantly better—by working together as a system. They created best practices and committed to using evidence-based medicine throughout a brand-new system, called MemorialCare.

Since then, year over year, we have constantly raised the bar on how we work, the way we collaborate, and how we give our patients simply better care.

Growing to a Fully Integrated System

We know patients appreciate the way we ‘connect the dots’ in healthcare. That’s why MemorialCare has now grown from a respected system of hospitals, to a fully integrated health system, providing seamless, integrated care.

In addition to our four leading hospitals, MemorialCare includes:

  • Primary Care at over 30 health centers
  • Urgent Care locations
  • Free-standing Imaging Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Dialysis Centers

You can choose from among 260 primary care physicians and over 2,000 leading specialists, all providing high-quality, affordable care.

Offering Ease and Access

With convenient MemorialCare locations across Orange County and Los Angeles County, you can be confident you’ll find the coordinated care you need, close to home or work. We partner with innovative health plans so you have easy access to an extensive network of primary care and specialty care providers. We help you move seamlessly across our sites and access your health records online, any time.

Simply Better Experience

Our passion is clinical excellence. That’s the science.

Our privilege is getting to know the unique individuals we care for. That’s our art.

Because we believe it’s an honor to care for all of you, physically and emotionally, we take steps every day to make your healthcare experience simply better. That’s our compassion.

Barry Arbuckle, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
MemorialCare Health System